Wednesday, September 9, 2009

on my honor

i was never a girl scout. secretly, i was jealous of the girls that were. the badges, the berets, the cookies. visions of roasting marshmellows and singing songs around a campfire. my sister and i, along with our neighbor kristin, formed our own organization called the pine cone club. we created a mission statement and organized a book of achievements, holding our meetings in my dad's old ice fishing house. i remember a photo that was taken of us dressed in club created puffy-paint shirts holding our construction paper books. kristin was wearing a big smile with her sweet adolescent lips coated in fire engine red lipstick (the preferred shade of madonna in "who's that girl").  i, on the other hand, was chapstick free and frowning. i wish i could find that picture. i wish i could remember what i was pouting about. maybe i had just realized that i would never win that new bike with ribbon tassels, a basket, and a bell for selling the most cookies.

the autumn 2009 dear creatures collection draws it's inspiration from a 1960's girl scout theme, with sweet smock dresses that are reminders of the old troop uniforms. it might not be to late to relive my dream after all.

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