Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy holidays

i am signing off today through next week to celebrate christmas with my family, but will be back in 2011. i hope you have a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!

(photo by: darren ringo)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

mix and match

the fall and winter 2010/2011 collection by kling, a clothing label from madrid, spain, is all about merging shapes and colors. i also think they've nailed the missing detail in a perfect midwestern fashion turban—red and black buffalo check plaid, preferably flannel.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the first to return

"involuntary parks" is the latest project by artist caitlin parker. through photographs and paintings, parker documents the exclusion zone around the chernobyl nuclear power plant, destroyed and abandoned, where nature has been allowed to return to an overgrown state.

Monday, December 20, 2010

sweet insanity

macarons are a mystery to me. when ben and i lived in paris for a year i was reluctant to try them at first. to me, it was like walking into a baskin robbins and ordering 2 scoops of the blue bubble gum. why would i want to get a purple, green, or yellow “cookie” when i could get a decadent ├Ęclair or a pear and chocolate tart? eventually, my curiosity got the better of me and from that moment on they were all i could think about. instead of making traditional christmas cookies this year, like my mom’s amazing russian tea cakes or thumb prints, i could only think of one thing—salted, caramel, macarons. i am not a baker. when i cook, i have a tendency to just throw things together. i don’t own a mixer, or a kitchen scale, or a piping bag, which are tools that most recipes required. my egg whites were less like glossy peaks and more like dull hills, and it was difficult to create a perfect circle with a clipped freezer bag, but regardless, i was determined, and very pleased with the results (aren’t they beauties?). the recipe i followed was for pierre herme’s salted caramel macarons with a caramel cream filling found here. i would do my own step-by-step, but i think that would be best left to the professionals.

(photo by: erin)

Friday, December 17, 2010

stole many a man's soul

i don't own a little black dress. is that possible? i think i've failed as a woman. right now, there are a ton of options in every price range around the web. here are a few that would be great for a holiday/new years party: (1) won hundred iron dress, $164; (2) rittenhouse three quarter raglan sleeve dress, $380; (3) rachel comey mylar essay dress, $475; (4) velvet refer whisper dress, $119; (5) dagmar perrine dress, $145; (6) milly metallic strapless dress, $335.

with envy

i have quite possibly found the perfect shoe to get me through the long winter; these rachel comey forest green suede boot-clogs.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

last time i saw you

stephanie tran, the creater of new york based clothing label duskin, uses dressy fabrics for simple silhouettes that capture a modern romantic feel. duskin, the company’s brand, was named after a childhood classmate of trans, who, according to her, was “like a fairy; tiny, freckled, and wildly creative,” much like the aesthetic of the line.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


sometimes the quietest moments make the most captivating images—photos of quick naps, abandoned cars, roadside signs, and bike rides—all of which and more are portrayed in ali bosworth’s collection of photographs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"hidden landscapes" is an ongoing project by sydney based motion designer and illustrator, chris Thompson, that deconstructs and rearranges traditional landscapes, drawing attention to details that could potentially be missed.

Monday, December 13, 2010

cold blooded

a saturday rain turned into a sunday snow and it is winter in michigan a week early, with fresh powder piling on every branch and twig outside and my wet, unlaced boots by the back door. this morning, i scraped the ice off of the car and shovel the driveway before coming in to my cozy sweater and coffee cup and officially starting my day. winter essentials (1) caribou sorel boots, $110; (2) madewell ski lodge beanie, $29.50; (3) supreme new york orange knit gloves with deerskin palm, $36; (4) cashmere hudson bay scarf, $132.

(top photo by: nich hance)

Friday, December 10, 2010


it has been trying to snow for the past two weeks. the temperature is slowly dropping, but not fast enough for the ground to freeze and the snow to stay. something happened overnight, because this morning everything is quiet and white, much like these images from native new york photographer michelle arcila.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

b + b elsewhere

today, amy of old sweet song posted an interview she did with me for her blogger crush series. i am completely honored and flattered that she invited me to participate in such a wonderful series. thank you so much amy!

(read the interview: here)


new zealand fashion designer, juliette hogan, celebrates bookish beauty in her winter 2010 collection "so pretty it hurts" with chiffon frocks, pleated skirts, and tucked-in tunics complete with the models perfectly perched top-knot.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

holiday gifts #4: mother (in-law)

(1) toast wool felt slippers, $67; (2) erin wasson welded cuff, $100; (3) beet the system tote, $20; (4) chocolate covered orange peel; (5) franco ferrari uruguay scarf, $135; (6) penzey's spices bakers 4-jar assortment gift box, $29; (7) coin purse, $28; (8) campagnie de provence liquid soap, $20 + hand lotion, $24; (9) rifle paper co. botanical card set, $16; (10) the magnetic north by sara wheeler, $17; (11) calypso draped cardigan, $295 (expensive, but too perfect); (12) sweet fine day kitchen conversions poster, $30; (13) tiburtini italian olive oil, $26.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

holiday gifts #3: father (in-law)

(1) this is npr, hardcover + cd, $30; (2) root liqueur, $36; (3) duluth pack sportsman's kit bag, $70; (4) filson reversible vest, $160; (5) black diamond trekking poles, $80; (6) marinis candies dark chocolate covered bacon, $12; (7) bootleggers, lobstermen, and lumberjacks paperback, $12; (8) fox river ragg wool and leather gloves, $25; (9) patagonia nano puff scarf, $49; (10) dick proenneke, alone in the wilderness dvd, $25; (11) life/planet earth dvd collection, $46; (12) tretorn slip-on rubber ankle boot, $60; (13) areaware wooden bottle opener, $20; (14) apple tv, $99; (15) chemex classic 8-cup coffee maker, $38; (16) intelligentsia house blend coffee, $14; (17) pocket-size national parks book, $25.

Monday, December 6, 2010

snap shots

there are memories you want to forget, those you struggle to remember, and some that have completely disappeared over time. in his most recent collection, "the human nature project," swiss artist andy denzler finds a way to interrupt your thoughts, hit pause, and keep the moment forever preserved in a distorted frame.

Friday, December 3, 2010

honey, is that you?

emerging philadelphia photographer nadine rovner finds inspiration for her dreamy and evocative images in suburban landscapes scattered with empty parking lots and roadside stops reminiscent of where she was raised in southern new jersey.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

holiday gifts #2: her

(1) odette fox claw bracelet, $140; (2) givaudan fragrance scent-o-logues, $10 each; (3) kit chartreuse gloves, $35; (4) emerson made school bloom pin, $54; (5) abc home french days-of-the-week bag, $40; (6) jcrew sailor striped sweater, $69; (7) shana lee pyramid studs, $88; (8) laduree, the sweet recipes book, $26; (9) bow swing necklace, $45; (10) tartine bread cookbook, $40; (11) a line a day 5-year diary, $18; (12) bequet celtic sea salt caramels, $8; (13) knit pillar pompom cap, $58; (14) off the wall mini planters, $26 each; (15) firm living monroe dish towels, $19 each; (16) steven alan jenna romper, $168; (17) symmetry goods parker scarf/bag, $225; (18) tom scott hairy slippers, $144; (19) badger organic lip balms, $3 each; (20) sans map remnant leather pleated clutch, $68.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

holiday gifts #1: him

(1) portland general store personal care, wood body creme, $12 + whiskey aftershave, $12; (2) norse marino wool beanie, $56; (3) pierrepont hicks ties in peacock classic + royal wulff plaid, $120; (4) big league chew + haribo gummy bears; (5) lecia d-lux 5 digital camera, $799; (6) general store wood puzzle, $45; (7) present elbow patch flannel sweater, $164; (8) brooklyn brew shop, 1 gallon ipa beer making kit, $40; (9) the orphan's arms hand-printed crystal tee, $41; (10) filson oil finish small duffle, $99; (11) stanley classic vacuum bottle thermos, $25; (12) la cie key flash drive, $27; (13) folk lanyard keychain, $55; (14) red wing moccasin stitched boots, $230; (15) jack spade mill leather box, $155; (16) jack spade woolrich plaid wallet, $125; (17) mucu pocket ring books, $15.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a lovely week

my parents' truck just backed out of our driveway—ben and i standing and waving as they left for minnesota after spending nearly a week with us in ann arbor. maybe it’s because i miss them, because it's been a hard year, or because nothing seemed to go as planned over the last 6 days, but it just felt like they left too soon. i needed them for one more week, or maybe two.

on thursday morning my mom put the pumpkin pie in the oven and as i was setting the timer for 40 minutes a hug spark shot out of the back of the oven. the fuse blew and the control panel was fried. one hectic trip to sears on black friday and a new oven later, we were finally able to have a proper thanksgiving on sunday night. it was worth the wait.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend and ate lots of leftovers! stay tuned. i have holiday gift ideas coming all week. . . and next.

(photo by: erin)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

perception of things

these beautiful pastel illustrations by brooklyn-based artist, jason fiske, remind me of colorful inkblot tests, each side slightly mimicking the other.

Friday, November 19, 2010

bootie camp

my husband just gave me these beautiful low boots for my birthday. unfortunately, they are on backorder until december 1, so i am impatiently counting the days until i can wear them. there is something perfect about a simple bootie. a cross between a shoe and a boot—what could be more versatile? (1) brown suede cuffed ankle boot, (2) tan fold-over bootie, (3) cognac dorado chelsea boot, (4) raccoon leather backroad bootie, (5) black zip ankle bootie, (6) green lace desert boot, (7) grey suede buckle bootie.

(top photo by: dart photographie)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

not just a pretty print

british clothing label, nadinoo, by designer nadia izruna, recently released their autumn/winter 2010 collection, pulling inspiration from mid-20th century clothing design with high-waisted shorts, peter-pan collars, swing capes, and cropped shirt dresses. each piece is carefully hand crafted and made to order so that every garment is unique to the wearer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

in my head

yesterday, rain rolled down the windows and the sky was so dark and gray it was difficult to tell if the sun was rising or setting. on days like these i get wrapped in my own thoughts. i need to step outside and take a deep breath to stay alert—to inhale something fresh. these beautiful images by melbourne-based photographer, velco dojcinovski, capture small moments of solitude.