Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ad in

there are tennis courts in the park right next to our house so ben and i have been starting to play now that the weather has warmed up and all of the snow is gone. it’s been awhile since we’ve played—years—but having courts nearby has triggered an urge to relearn a sport we grew up with. we’re in desperate need of new racquets. yesterday, i noticed that my cracked grip stained the palm of my hand purple after a few minutes of sun and sweat. instead of buying new, i’m almost tempted to buy old. i love the look of the graphics on these vintage wooden frames.

(top photo by: silent screen queen)

(bottom photos by: mighty moss)

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  1. i am trying to convince my husband that we should start playing tennis together and i definitely would have to get some funky vintage rackets like this!