Wednesday, July 21, 2010


to me, summer vacation is about being outside on the beach or in the country. one weekend, i would love to pack a bag and drive, with no plans or hotel reservations, just a little house hitched to the back of the car. in australian photographer hilary walker’s series on caravans, she captures the soul and charm of these beautiful vintage trailers. each door is open—begging you for a quick getaway.

(via darling dexter)


  1. lovely photographs!
    inspires me to borrow mom and dad's little scamp and head up to the north shore for a weekend.

  2. Hey Erin!
    Dreaming of a caravan trip next year. Would love to go to the national parks. These are so cute. When I grew up, we had a green one just like that. Traveling all over Norway, Sweden and Denmark with it:)

  3. caravan'ing never looked so cool (or cute)!