Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 fall wish list

the list of things i've had my eye on this fall seems to be endless, here are just a few: (1) electric blue + black dress, (2) 3-pocket blazer, (3) english saddle biker boots, (4) grey jacquard tights, (5) single rope knot necklace, (6) black slouchy shoulder bag, (7) red slouchy mohair hat, (8) mochuco print cosmetic bag, (9) je t'aime pouch, (10) field notes journals, (11) americana quilt print


  1. i'll take the boots, tights, cosmetic bag... ok i guess i'll take all of it. have a great weekend erin!

  2. Did you intentionally pull together this look? Or is this just a grab-bag of things you want? Because it all looks so incredible together and I'd never in a million years be able to pull this together... brava!

  3. thanks ladies! amy, i did pull this together from my ongoing wish list, but i probably spent a little too much time on it - i'm so glad you like it!