Monday, November 8, 2010

made by hand

the blue house in ann arbor, michigan, opened its doors to the creative community in march 2010. located in a late 19th century house on the corner of pauline and main street, the handmade studio offers workshops lead by area artists, rental space for individuals and private events, and a consignment shop with local handcrafted goods. siobhan lyle, the brains behind the blue, has created an ideal environment to work in, filled with bold colors and inspiration along with all the materials and tools you need to start making.

yesterday, my friend carrie and i went to the blue house and took the diy workshop “basic sewing for adults,” by amanda schott of dang argyle. i’ve been sewing since i was small and have all of the equipment, but the skills just aren’t there yet. i guess, like everything, i need to practice in order to get better. hence the class. amanda went over each of our machines and had us running through stitches to get us comfortable working with the different settings. after the refresher course, i am officially ready to start some projects.

on saturday, december 18, from 11-6, the blue house will be hosting “mittenmade,” a handmade craft show featuring some of ann arbor’s local artists. more information about the show, along with a list of upcoming events and workshops, can be found on their web site at:

(photos by: erin)

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  1. Great post, Erin. And I dig your blog, cool stuff here indeed. It was nice to meet you yesterday.