Thursday, April 14, 2011

hot sun + cool grass

i have this undeniable urge to spread a blanket on the grass in my yard or in the park and read a book, face in the sun, digging my feet in the grass. the park blanket is a tough one. it needs to be durable, washable, and comfortable. here are some of my picks for the perfect outdoor blanket (some are tableclothsa genius idea from my sister), and a few spring essentials: (1) ethiopian striped throw, $123; (2) le specs, joplin tortoise shell sunglasses, $63; (3) john robshaw textiles, granite tablecloth, $70; (4) linen avignon tablecloth, $115; (5) calypso, beach blanket, $48; (6) orange stripe turkish bath towel, $24.50; (7) calypso, wood bead sun hat, $95; (8) on my reading list: tin house – summer reading, $10.36, david bowie: starman, by paul trynka (july 2011), the pale king, by david foster wallace (april 2011); (9) tarpaulin picnic mat, $70; (10) woman by common projects, strap sandal, $390.


  1. I absolutely love your list. I'm in the same mood, but it's just a little too chilly right now to enjoy it completely. These blankets have the perfect vibe for the mood, well done!

  2. love your list! sounds like the perfect summer/spring essentials :)

  3. I'd like to wear the towels/blanks/table cloths as scarves!