Wednesday, October 28, 2009


ben and i had our two year wedding anniversary two weeks ago today (i meant to post this to the date, but time got away from me). i don't remember much from that day, with all of my nerves and excitement, but i do remember feeling overwhelmed with happiness, for marrying the person i love most, and finally getting to kiss him for the first time as my husband.

it's been one of those months. we attended two weddings in two different states, celebrated our own anniversary, and moved in to our very first home. we're settling in amidst the boxes, but reality hasn't set in... i feel like we're squatters not owners.


  1. What a wonderful feeling, and a wonderful month - felicitations!

  2. What a wonderful thing to were a beautiful bride, Ben was a handsome groom and the love you shared that day will live on forever. I think back and realize that even though I wasn't there, I was there spiritually :)