Monday, October 5, 2009

tiny specimens

i remember spending summers on the north shore of lake superior combing the beaches for hours with my grandma looking for agates, thomsonite, and bits of colored quartz. we would sit on the shore with our bare feet digging into the smooth dark pebbled sand looking for any hint of color that might have washed up on shore.

carly waito has a new series of oil paintings that look almost like photographs of the minerals she's recreating. by using a macro lens carly is able to see every detail of the grey smoky quarts, purple amethyst, red rhodochrisite, and brown barite shown above. The artist is half of the partnership coe and waito, which is sadly no longer working on their ceramic collection. just because they've taken a break from sculpting and casting their signature pieces doesn't mean that these talented ladies aren't still continuing to produce beautiful work.

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