Wednesday, November 18, 2009

made to last

during the paris winter sales last year i found these beautiful deep coral studded gloves at the galeries lafayette. i carried them with me while i shopped, but in the end i brought them back to the accessories section because they were €100 and i thought they would have been an impulse buy. of course, a year later, i am still thinking about them. (1) yellow la crasia, (2) red carolina amato, (3) orange nina peter, (4) black 3.1 phillip lim, (5) violet saks, (6) tan nina peter, (7) aubergine portolano, (8) gold portolano, (9) black miu miu, (10) hot pink juicy, (11) jade urban, (12) grey juicy.

(top photo by: erin)


  1. I know - I think I do it all the time! I am doomed to have non-buyers remorse.

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