Monday, November 30, 2009

weekend pieces 11/30/09

it’s cold and rainy outside and the chill is creeping into the house—through the mail slot and the old kitchen ventilator. we finally got our first snow and I have a sad feeling winter is here to stay. my parents were visiting over the weekend and we showed them the city, cooked for days, cleaned up the yard and the garden, and laid around in front of the fireplace digesting—then eating pie, watching movies, and drinking wine. ben’s parents came and went at the beginning of november and now my parents are gone. what is going to happen to our house now that we don’t have experienced homeowners around to tell us what to do?

(photos by: erin)


  1. I love hearing about your new house and experiences as first time home owners! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Kelly!! It's an entirely different world. We had someone come over and service the heating system yesterday... who knew?!?