Monday, January 11, 2010

holiday pieces 01/11/2010

what was intended to be a one week blog break, turned into one month. i’ve been in denial about getting back to writing after the holiday and spent most of last week just staring at my computer screen. in december, we drove from cold to colder—michigan to minnesota—for visits with family and friends, lots of delicious food, late night movie viewing, and afternoon hikes in freezing temperatures. i love the snow, but hate the cold. negative degrees killed my adventurous spirit and our car. when we finally got home to ann arbor, the 20 degrees outside felt like a heat wave… sadly, that notion has passed.

(photos by: erin)


  1. love your photos!
    would love to see more!
    glad to have you back to butter and brass

  2. thanks jenny! more photos... i promise:)