Wednesday, January 13, 2010

specs appeal

i've had my current frames since 2004, but because i usually only wear them before i go to sleep or on a lazy weekend, i haven't felt the need to buy a new pair. while i was back in minnesota, ben and i stopped into a frame store and tried on a few hundred pairs, just for fun. big, dorky, colorful and colorless plastic glasses filled the shelves. surprisingly, the more i laughed at them before i tried them on, the more i actually liked them on my face. I couldn't decide which ones i loved more. the middle of these vintage specs remind me of the big green frames my sister wore in middle school. i wonder if her prescription has changed.

(top photo: garance dore)


  1. oh! these are so adorable. I've always wanted to take a pair of super huge old man glasses from the thrift store and swap the lenses for my perscrip!

  2. i had a pair very similar to the 3rd ones down when i was in high school. sometimes i wish i still had them. my sensible wire frames are stylish, but not as fun.

  3. la vie - i wish i could do the same. too bad lenses are so expensive!

    cs - sensible frames are definitely not as fun, i feel that way about mine right now too. i think my old middle school glasses are in a drawer somewhere at my parents house, but i'm sure they're beaten-up beyond wear and definitely not as fun and frame #3.

  4. I just got a big nerdy pair myself and I LOVE them! problem: they keep slipping down my nose...perhaps this is part of the nerdy appeal? more likely I just need to go back and have them adjusted ;)