Monday, February 22, 2010

the good china

when my dad bought our summer cabin in the 60s he found dishes—some in tact, others in pieces—scattered underwater along the lakeshore. after a hard winter or a summer storm, you never know what will resurface. the dishes are blue ridge china from the 1930s-50s, with a silly hand painted fruit medley pattern. clearly the previous owners didn’t appreciate them like we do. i imagine the people that used to live in the cabin having one last dinner party with friends before selling it to my dad, and after everyone had left, and each plate was dirty, they threw them into the lake one-by-one so that they wouldn’t have to clean and pack them. gesine hackenberg uses precious and indispensable objects, like antique ceramics, and turns them into jewelry. something that can be worn close to the body and that captures a memory or a mood.

(top photo by: bambookarma)


  1. I want! Kristen and Britta are fans too : ) Love the story too.

  2. thanks katy! the jewelry is beautiful, isn't it. i'm so happy all of you are reading my blog!