Wednesday, May 19, 2010

road trip

artist lily stockman currently lives and works in joshual tree, california. this summer, she is taking her studio on the road and driving cross-country with her husband, their two dogs, and a restored 13-foot 1978 scamp trailer, documenting the american landscape coast-to-coast through a series of new paintings. she will be posting updates along the way on her studio blog. to me, this sounds like the most amazing way to spend a summer. my parents just bought a scamp... i wonder if they would notice if it disappeared for a few months?

1 comment:

  1. Heavens! Through an insane blog-facebook-Palm Springs connection Lauren Coleman (the genius behind those Litill terrariums) and I just found our work SIDE BY SIDE on your darling blog.

    And your parents just bought a Scamp. Amazing. Is it new or are they restoring it? I'd love to see pictures! So delighted you dig my work and thanks for the lovely post. xo!