Monday, May 17, 2010

weekend pieces

on sunday, some lovely ladies came over and we spent the afternoon making jam. we were all amateurs, so our attempt at making apricot/peach lavender jam and strawberry/lemon marmalade was definitely experimental. i piled the apricot jam on my peanut butter toast this morning—it was delicious—but as far as the marmalade goes… i'm still waiting for it to magically thicken every time i tip the jar. overall, i think 1 out of 2 isn't bad for our first try. after all the jars were sterilized and sealed we hung out in the garden, margarita in hand, eating our tasty creations.


  1. yum! peaches and lavender sounds so heavenly on toast, hope we can convince mom to make minnesota gooseberry jam this summer

  2. sounds incredible & looks pretty successful - especially for a first attempt. bravo!

  3. thanks jenny and amy! we tripled the marmalade recipe and i guess this is where we went wrong... apparently you're not supposed to double or triple anything that needs to gel. who new?