Monday, September 13, 2010


over the weekend, i met up with 2 lovely ladies in chicago for some much needed girl time and the renegade craft fair. we thought we would spend maybe an hour at the fair, grab some lunch, and explore the city in the afternoon. 4 hours later, we were still rifling through the booths of over 300 indie crafters trying to decide what we couldn’t live without, since we clearly could have left with everything. above vendors: (1) geode and antler necklaces by georgia varidakis; (2) paper mache vessels by susan dwyer of up in the air somewhere; (3) beautiful bowl of cup earrings; (4) prints by yellow lion + wood lasercut jewelry by the harbinger co - from which i purchased the arrowhead necklace; (5) katy wearing a reclaimed twig necklace by cursive design; and (6) britta + katy eating spicy chickpea burritos from mana food bar and a blood orange drink from big bite cafĂ©.

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