Monday, September 12, 2011

inspiration: school days

living in a college town is strange. when i got off my bus for work today i was surrounded by a pool of backpacks that pretty much appeared overnight. i can’t help it, the smell of erasers and library books still tie my stomach into an anxious knot when september rolls around. (1) madewell, alexa chung collection; (2) axis maps, manhattan typographic map; (3) reform school, amish made schooter; (4) krzysztof pacholak photographer, school; (5) salt optics, stella; (6) raw-edges design studio, pivot desk; (7) marais usa, loafer heel; (8) haus, homework pencil case.


  1. i use to live in a college town too and loved it. i always missed how quiet the summers were.

  2. Eek, backpacks! I'm with you, Erin - I think the sight of that would make me feel a bit old and panicked (now that Alexa Chung/Madewell collection on the other hand...)

  3. i love this post! i don't know if i've said hi yet but i've been reading your blog for a few months and just adore it. so, hi and thanks for writing really inspiring and creative posts. x, kate!

  4. nice to see my pic here :)
    best regards