Thursday, December 9, 2010

b + b elsewhere

today, amy of old sweet song posted an interview she did with me for her blogger crush series. i am completely honored and flattered that she invited me to participate in such a wonderful series. thank you so much amy!

(read the interview: here)


  1. No THANK YOU, Erin! You changed your header! I love the new one too. I guess you can do no wrong in my book. xoxox

  2. Snif. Thank you for the shout-out, Erin! I was just so excited to discover a cool new blog (Old Sweet Song), but then to see you share your affection for GILP... merci, merci. You're too sweet. xo

  3. Just saw this. So great to be recognized! You deserve it for all your hard work, and I loved your survey answers... so clever and thoughtful. Also love the new header, I see your obsession with geometric/native patterns is flourishing!
    See you soon!!