Friday, December 17, 2010

stole many a man's soul

i don't own a little black dress. is that possible? i think i've failed as a woman. right now, there are a ton of options in every price range around the web. here are a few that would be great for a holiday/new years party: (1) won hundred iron dress, $164; (2) rittenhouse three quarter raglan sleeve dress, $380; (3) rachel comey mylar essay dress, $475; (4) velvet refer whisper dress, $119; (5) dagmar perrine dress, $145; (6) milly metallic strapless dress, $335.


  1. I love them all. Very much. I need a long-sleeve lbd. I only have a sleeveless one that is a little too wedding-y for a night out.

  2. Hahahah - I don't know how that's possible! I feel like I own three of the exact same "little black dresses". But at least I'm consistent in my black-dress taste.