Thursday, March 11, 2010

closing credits

the scratched out images in recent photography work by hollis brown thorton could be anyone, anywhere. his nostalgia is now your nostalgia, broken down, idealized, and forgotten over time.


  1. those are interesting! i can't decide if i like them or not, but what a creative and innovative technique.

  2. Brilliant stuffs. Was that the goal, what you wrote, about his nostalgia becoming ours? I'm curious not because it matters (it doesn't really), but because artists often write statements of intent & I wondered if he was so specific.

  3. thanks for your comments! teri, i'm always fascinated when i see an unconventional approach to working with photography - i agree - the technique is completely innovative. josh, what i wrote in this post is my own short interpretation of the artist's visual representation. i read an interview with hollis where he talked about taking inspiration from memory and uncertainty. because the faces in these pieces were missing it made me think that they could belong to anyone and be anyone's memories.