Monday, March 8, 2010

vacation pieces 03/08/10

after hours in the car driving from michigan to minnesota, on our last stretch of highway along the coast of lake superior, ben and i saw a timber wolf flash across the headlights of the car before running into the ditch. the night was cold and still and we were alone on the road, so we slowed down and turned the car around to see if we could catch another glimpse. when the wolf saw that we were following him he came up to the car, circled it, then stood staring at us, curious, before playfully running down the middle of the road, almost like he was leading the way. i wanted to follow.

i spent a lot of time along lake superior growing up, so it was nice to take a trip up there again. ben and i skied all day and collapsed all night. on thursday, we took a day off and drove up the gunflint trail looking for moose tracks and explored grand marais and the icy lake shore with my parents. i even got to meet my friend jamie’s beautiful 6-week old baby boy mikah. when we left ann arbor a week ago it was covered in snow and ice, but when we returned last night most of the snow had melted in the 40-50° weather. it was a perfect return from a wonderful trip.

(photos by: erin + ben)


  1. oooh I love lutsen! beautiful photos!

  2. I missed you! Sorry Erin! Great photos! You should capture someones wedding or something ;)

  3. i'm so glad you like the photos ladies! i wish i could have seen you too kel, but may is going to come up so fast. schwatinka 2010 crotch shots just for you:)