Friday, February 25, 2011

old soles

old or new, i think i’m obsessed with any shoe not in my closet. here are some lovely vintage kicks from etsy: (1) 1980s tan faux-woven flats, size 8.5, $22; (2) 1990s leather lace-up boots, size 7.5-8, $36; (3) beaded thunderbird moccasins, size 8, $40; (4) 1970s leather platform clogs, size 7, $44; (5) 1980s blue woven leather flats, size 7.5, $28; and (6) 1980s black leather boots, size 8.5, $58.


  1. You're so right... what's with that extra allure when they're not yet in your closet?!

  2. I love it when you can find vintage shoes in great condition. I love the blue ones!