Friday, February 4, 2011

one big collection

now that ben and i have a house of our own, and are not moving from one small studio to the next, our parents have been emptying out their basements and bringing us boxes and bins of old clothes, books, and childhood memorabilia. i’m feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the stuff (something they have endured all these years). i’m not sure what to do with it all, and i know a few trips to goodwill are in order, but there are certain things i can’t quite part with, and have no idea where to put. in the mix, i just discovered my old stamp collection. isn't it a beauty? it’s distracting me from the task at hand—i need to put down the book and get back to the bins for my own piece of independence.

it has been one busy week, which is wonderful, but i couldn’t be happier that today is friday. i can’t wait to see some friends tonight and sleep in tomorrow. i hope you have a lovely weekend!

(photos by: erin)


  1. oh, I know what you mean. When Steven and I moved to Ann Arbor we could fit all our belongings in the tiniest Uhaul, with room to spare.
    now... well, I'm pretty sure we'd need to hire movers.
    But part of cleaning things out is discovering old treasures, like your wonderful stamp collection!

  2. my mom got me started on a stamp collection when I was little, too. I wonder what ever happened to it? good luck with your trip down memory lane :)

  3. Hope you found some priceless photos from back in the day!